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Spotlights on digital solutions and Artificial Intelligence applied to line clearance 


SEA Vision announce its participation in ACHEMA 2024, the world leading event for the process industries hosted at the esteemed Messe Frankfurt GmbH venue in Frankfurt am Main, Germany 

From June 10 to 14, attendees can visit SEA Vision at Hall 3.1, Stand G8 to explore innovative solutions tailored to drive pharmaceutical digitalization, while elevating quality control and product traceability to ensure safety and compliance. 

SEA Vision will showcase some cutting-edge innovations at the upcoming Achema fair: the primary focus will be the exploration of Artificial Intelligence integration into pharmaceutical solution, enhancing their systems efficiency, worldwide renowned for their robustness and quality. Additionally, the unveiling of a completely redesigned User Interface, emphasizing web-accessibility, app-specific features, and customization to elevate UX (User Experience) and usability. 

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For the first time in action from real on a complete packaging line

With the use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms, the solution streamlines changeovers, ensuring that packaging lines are 100% free from previous batch-related items and ready for new production with unparalleled speed and accuracy, avoiding human errors, reducing the time required, and boosting the OEE of production lines.  

SEA Vision is always working on improvements and at Achema 2024 a-eye clearance capabilities have been expanded beyond single-machine application. Visitors can witness it in action, managing complete production lines at SEA Vision’s booth (G8) and even on an Integra packaging line at Marchesini Group’s booth (G3). 


Automated Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for line clearance 

Line clearance is vital for pharmaceutical production, guaranteeing the cleanliness and readiness of equipment and workspaces.

Traditionally reliant on manual oversight, these processes are prone to human error. In response, SEA Vision introduces “a-eye clearance, the automated AI-driven solution designed to enhance line clearance processes efficiency and safety. 

a-eye clearance AI software (1)
a-eye clearance AI software (2)
a-eye clearance AI software (2)-1
a-eye clearance AI software (1)


Vision inspection controls

During the fair, visitors to the SEA Vision stand can witness vision inspection controls in action.


One such system is Databox, which ensures accurate vial crimping on a Marchesini Group vial crimping machine. Recent enhancements to the system's optical setup and algorithms have maximized crimp control accuracy, reflecting SEA Vision's commitment to innovation and research and development (R&D)


Another highlight is the OCVMulti system, capable of various syringe inspections showcased on a magnetic transport module. This system advantageously allows SEA Vision to simulate different product positions and movements under their cameras, mirroring real packaging machine scenarios.


The extreme compactness of this demo station allows visitors to witness live demonstrations of various syringe and component integrity checks, simulating different stages of packaging or assembly. Visitors can observe how OCVMulti recognizes if a glass syringe has a broken flange, a crucial quality check typically performed on a syringe filler. It also verifies if the stopper is correctly screwed and if there is any residual air between the stopper and the liquid—critical assessments for product quality.


Finally, typical labelling machine checks will be demonstrated, including label presence and correct application around the syringe.




Leading the way to traceability excellence: serialization for all markets, with the system Tracker on SL-A210 Labeller

At ACHEMA 2024, SEA Vision will showcase Tracker on the Marchesini Group Labeller SL-A210 with labelling unit for tamper-evident seals. Tracker is the Level 1 pharmaceutical serialization solution capable of performing runtime checks of serialized codes printed on serialized drug packages, performing parent-child aggregation operations


The serialization solution’s key features include automatic connection to ERP company systems, existing MES system and Level 4 systems, allowing to communicate with all regulatory agencies to be compliant with all serialization requirements existent in all different markets, including Tatmeen, DSCSA, NHRA and others. 

SEA Vision's integration with Marchesini SL-A210 enhances workflows, boosts productivity with tailored hardware components-including HMIs and miniaturized cameras. Integrated software ensures efficient handling of reworking and rejection management, streamlining operations of reworking activities and rejections decommissioning, thanks to strong software logics integrated with the machine.

  • Tracker SL-A210 (1)


yudoo at Achema 2024

No discussion of Industry 4.0 is complete without yudoo - the platform that seamlessly connects automation devices, machinery, IT, and control systems. This comprehensive platform manages pharmaceutical production, analyzes data for actionable insights, and enhances traceability, driving OEE improvement. 

In its full version, yudoo includes features for managing production lines, integrating existing Track & Trace architecture for serialisation management, real-time OEE performance analysis, and evolved KPIs based on Business Intelligence tools. 

Visit the SEA Vision booth for a firsthand demonstration of yudoo. 


SYSTEMS ON SHOW @Marchesini Group Stand

Products on show 

Highlights at the Marchesini Group booth: 

Visit booth G3 to witness cutting-edge vision systems technologies, including: 

- a-eye clearance system showcased on an Integra packaging line

- Harleblister ensuring product presence on a blister line Integra

- Tracker overseeing code control on leaflets and cartons on a MA360 cartoning machine

- OCVMulti system managing Datamatrix, variable data, and code on injectable pens throughout the labeling process

- Databox conducting code control on leaflets and cartons on a MA360 cartoning machine

- Databox ensuring variable data control on oriented vials crimp on a sterile line 




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