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Cosmetic serialization



Combat counterfeiting to protect brands authenticity 

The cosmetics industry has an ever-increasing need to actively combat counterfeiting to protect the authenticity of its brands and promote concepts of transparency, quality, and sustainability to the end-users.

To answer these needs, we have developed a complete hardware and software solution to control the authenticity of the cosmetic product along the entire supply chain.


The value of authenticity

Whether customers are buying personal care or cosmetics products, they want to make sure that what they’re buying is original, since their usage on the face and body can pose severe skin reactions and other significant health risks.

This is especially true when they are purchasing luxury cosmetics, which are often subject to counterfeiting due to their market value, and from which consumers expect very high-quality standards.  

It is precisely for these types of products, which are often subject to counterfeiting due to their market value, that falsification or adulteration of the product can cause tremendous damage to brand image, reputation, resulting in loss of customer loyalty and financial losses.

How to control the products along each step of their distribution along the supply chain, and at the same time give to the end-user the possibility to verify the origins of products?


Some examples of the most common beauty packaging


Traceability is key 

SEA Vision technologies help both manufacturers and consumers verify where a certain item comes from and make better business or buying decisions. The full solution can be used by the different actors across the supply chain to track products and determine their authenticity, origin, and safety - and it is composed by:

  • yutrace auto-generates the unique identifier used to trace the product and stores it in a protected database.

  • tracker manages the in-line identifier printing, verifying its correctness.

  • trackscan performs in-line cartons-to-case and cases-to-pallet aggregation.

  • reworkapp and pickapp manage reworking and picking operations in the warehouse and distribution centers.

  • brandapp manages the control along the supply chain and have dedicated functionalities for different users (company agent, retailer, end-user) with the aim to verify the authenticity of the product once delivered to the market.

How many defects can you see?   


Full traceability in your hands

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SEA Vision's end-to-end serialization solution helps beauty industry businesses to combat counterfeiting: by providing innovative technology we protect the brand’s authenticity to guarantee transparency, quality and sustainability.